Support your favorite craftsman.

Having picked up the old ShopSmith Mark V on Craigslist I have been doing a lot of research before I really dive into restoring it.

Of course I soon found Jacob Anderson ( all over the ShopSmith Forums and his YouTube channel. Jacob clearly goes through a lot of effort to share his knowledge in a way that is accessible to everyone; no matter how you prefer to learn.

I will probably end up sending my ShopSmith head unit to Jacob to rebuild, but I bought his Step by Step Rebuilding DVDs anyway. He puts out more than enough information on YouTube and the Forums for me to completely disassemble the head unit and clean and inspect it (probaby really repair anything too). In purchasing his DVD, I am supporting a real Craftsman.

Thank you, Jacob. You’ll probably be looking at my Mark V head unit soon.

                     - PinderNET


Craigslist Finds

So I spent a little time sifting through Craigslist when I couldn’t sleep and marked a few items.

I ran across some steel and plastic barrels and the guy seemed to have a few tools to check out.



I also inquired about a $50 (USD) ShopSmith and a $65 Bandsaw (USD). I am of course assuming both need work. I have really enjoyed restoring the grinder, lamp and air compressor.

The guy with the barrels is a junk dealer. I did get a few items there and noted them as a source for windows and doors when I am ready to build a stand alone woodshop in the yard.

He only had one steel barrel left — $10 (USD). I will likely use it as the basis for a dust collection system.

I also found large very heavy duty orange plastic bins. They go with the color scheme and will make a great basis for a scrap wood shelf in the new shop. Until then they can hold stuff in the Storage Unit.

Nine (9) large bins for $45 (USD) .

I also scored a couple spools of 14 Gauge Stranded Copper Wire Red and Black for $5 (USD) each.

But best of all was probably the Wooden Handscrew Clamps for $22 (USD).

  • 5 inch (2)
  • 6 inch (2)
  • 8 inch (3)
  • 10 inch (1)
  • 12 inch (1)

As I was headed back to the house to unload the trailer, the guy with the ShopSmith contacted me.

So off to Mount Vernon to check out what a $50 ShopSmith looks like. Not too bad … almost no accessories, but it looks good with a little surface rust. The motor sounds good, but I need to check the shaft, pully and belt.

I was hoping for at least all the lathe pieces, but what is here looks good. I didn’t have a ten, so he got $60 (USD).




Attachments and Accessories







I still need to find the serial number and downlod the proper manual. Fortunetly, the ShopSmith Mark V is pretty much unchanged from the original design in 1953. All the manuals and parts are still available and there is even a motor upgrade that will make the entire tools digital.

Restoring this will be a fun project.

BTW, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the ShopSmith is not really all the heavy. It’s pretty easy to lift and move around and of course has casters for moving around the shop.

I did hear back from the guy with the $65 (USD) bandsaw. I’m scheduled to take a peek at it on Sunday.

I think this was a very successful Craigslist day.



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