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Gathering materials for this years big project ...

This weekend I checked out one of the Habitat for Humanity - ReStore locations in Leesburg, VA and picked up a few things.

I found three chrome lamps that might be good for “the build” …

I also picked up a three legged jobvise. It is half-clamp and half-saw horse.

I look forward to trying this thing out.

I also got a great deal on 100 x 10 foot Galvanized Steel Framing Studs. I basically paid half retail.

Overall I felt the store had too much furniture and not enough building materials.

While Christmas shopping I ran into a couple of deals that were two good to pass up on iems I knew I would be needing for “the build” at some point.

I grabbed a 2nd Generation ChromeCast for $15 on eBay. And an NFC Smart Dead-bolt for securing “the build”. I also grabbed an approprately sized first aid kit.

Last but not least I set aside a few items I already had laying around.

Today, I ordered a couple of items from Amazon for “the build” and for a project here at the house. I’ll post again when those come in.

          - PinderNET

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