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Snow Blower

So, Heather and I both … separately … were ready to get a Snow Blower.

Neither of us wants a repeat of last year.

And here in Virginia this hasn’t exactly been unusual in recent memory.

 First thing to know.

I now think long and hard before adding an internal combustion engine to my maintenance routines. And when I do, I try hard not to go cheap.
It took a lot of expensive experience to conclude; I like to use (abuse) engines. I don’t enjoy maintaining them.
Knowing that.
Last year, while propped up and nursing my complaining back, I spent a lot of time researching snow blowers with the intent of buying only one in my lifetime.
I decided to spend about $800 on a Kohler come summer time (hoping to get $1000 worth of snow blower). I never quite got to it and I hadn’t intended to buy the little riding mower at all. So … when Heather and I realized that we both wanted to get a something before we wish we had. I didn’t want to spend anywhere near $800 dollars.
So, start the research over knowing I won’t like anything I look at. YouTube, Amazon, Blogs, etc etc. Here is what I learned first. At this price range. There is no way to get a review that will ACUTALLY help you decide. Nothing of value anyway. I ended up decided by taking what I learned about much higher end snow blowers and what makes them different. Each low-end/low-cost snow blower in some way attempts to emulate a high-end feature. So I ranked the ones I thought were most important and based my decision on the way it looks like the low price unit tried to mimic it.
In the end, my expectations are very low. So I decide to only spend as much as I was perfectly happy expending for a single bad snow storm. Until I actually use this thing, I won’t suggest anyone spend less than $500 on a gas power unit without assuming it will die in the first season, or only last one bad storm.
Maybe I’ll feel different after really using it.
Here is what we bought.
I paid $169.99 and it is now on sale for $135.99
Shipping was free with my Prime Membership
The most valuable thing I learned in trying to decide what to purchase was that the quality of the cord is at least as important as the snow blower and that you CANNOT purchase an acceptable quality cord from your local Big Box store.
Here is the cord I ended up buying. They also come in 25 ft and 50 ft for quite a bit less.
I paid $78.15.
The only assembly required was to unfold the handles and put a handle in place.
It came with a tool for clearing the chute.
I’ll certainly update the blog the first chance I get to use it.


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Quick update on the snow thrower. It didn't last, seems like I stripped one of the plastic gears when some ice got caught in it. I waited until spring and bought a used Craftsman gas powered snow thrower. The man I bought it from felt he was too old to keep using it and had paid someone else to do his drive for the previous two years. He and his wife are preparing to move south and he was cleaning out his shed and selling everything. He said he hadn't started it in two years, so I was prepared to do a carb cleaning at the least. He put it away with gas in it. Started on the first pull and ran beautifully. Gotta love those Honda engines. I brought it home, ran it dry and then put some fresh gas in and ran that through it, drained the fuel and we will see how it goes this winter.
May 13, 2019 | Registered CommenterPinderNET

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