1982 Watkins W27 Sailboat - 27’

My first sailboat.

I bought her from a charity sailing school for the purpose of putting her at a live aboard marina in DC. I stayed on her from Oct until April or May, going home on the weekends and on cub scout nights.

On week nights I taught myself how to sail on the Potomac.

In that time I did quite a bit of work to her.

All new running lights. New battery charger, two house batteries and a starter battery.

I rewired all the 120 volt and much of the 12 volt systems.

Added red night time foot well lighting through out and multiple 12 volt and 120 volt outlets.

I mounted a large bar refrigerator and redid most of the plumbing, virtually everything except the head (was waiting until summer)

And of course I have to put a computer everywhere. I added a built in Media Center PC and navigation computer, LCD monitor, bluetooth GPS and Color/IR front facing camera.

I also mounted my Tablet PC docking station and added wireless mouse and keyboard to it.

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