1972 VW Super Beetle

I guess it was late in ‘89 when I obtained this one.

My brother Harvey was visiting while on leave from the Navy. We (Dad, Harvey, Carl and I) drove down to Stafford to a backyard mechanic my dad worked with and paid $600 for it.

This car looked great, It was this sporty yellow color and the interior was in great shape. While it was technically firing on all cylinders, this car had gremlins.

I don’t even remember what all happened with this car, but I got to be really buddy buddy with the mechanics at Mobil. I do remember that for a while when you would stop at a light; you would have about 45 seconds to jump out of the car, pop the boot (engine lid) and adjust the throttle fine adjustment screw to keep it running. Good thing none of my friends drove; otherwise I would have always had to do it myself :)

Since it was a 1972; in Northern Virginia it had to pass emissions. The guys at Mobil would stick the sensor up the pipe and then fiddle with the same adjustment screw to balance between the car cutting out and passing the test.

I think we donated this one to one of those charities that would come haul it away.

Not the actual car, still looking for some old photos.