1966 VW Beetle

This was MY first car. I think it was 1988 when I bought it. I still can’t believe my dad let me buy it.

She had no battery, the rust holes through the floor boards were as large as 4 inches in diameter and we didn’t know at the time, but one of the cylinders was plugged making her a 3 cylinder beast. I paid $100 and we hooked up a tow line and dragged her home. I didn’t even have my license yet, just a learners permit.

It wasn’t a week before my friends and I were pushing it and popping the clutch to get her running. I don’t remember if we got caught or not. But, we did destroy the generator though. My neighbor Carey and I learned a lot about working on cars that summer. J.C. Whitney became my best friend.

That winter my dad’s car broke down and he used mine for a few days. Driving home one night in a heavy snowfall the wiper motor died. He ripped the stereo out of the dash, stuck his hand in and manually operated the wipers while he drove home.

I finally sold the car to one of the mechanics at the Mobil gas station after the transmission died. I drove it up there in reverse since it was the only working gear. I think I got $200 for it.


Not the actual car, still looking for some old photos.