ShopSmith Mark V Restoration

I found this old ShopSmith on Craigslist for $50 (USD) and couldn’t pass it up. Now I have another tool restoration project on my hands.

The guy that had it clearly didn’t know any more than he could find from a couple of YouTube videos. The core of the machine is there, but it is missing a lot of the standard accessories. It doesn’t sound scary when I run the motor and I have done a very basic inspection and parts inventory.

ShopSmith Mark V

Model: 500

Year: 1983

Serial #: SS 159227


I plan to keep pretty close track of what I spend on this build. I’m not really sure if I will keep it, sell it or gift it to someone. So I want to know what I have put into it.

The closest thing to one of these that you can buy brand new is the ShopSmith Mark V with Model 510 Table System for $3559.00 (USD).

Here is a picture of the accessories that come with a new Mark 7 (a subset of them come with the Mark V). 

On a new Mark V with the Model 510 Table System you would get the following:

  1. Upper and Lower Saw Guards
  2. 10” All-Purpose Saw Blade
  3. Saw Blade Arbor and Wrench
  4. Aluminum Rip Fence
  5. Miter Guage
  6. Extension Table System
  7. Shopsmith Safety Kit
  8. Safety Googles
  9. 12” Sanding Disc and Sandpaper
  10. Lathe Centers
  11. Lathe Tool Rest
  12. Lathe Tailstock
  13. Drill Chuck and Key
  14. Allen Wrenches
  15. Coupling Kit

Items 16 through 19 in the photo only come with the Mark 7 and I designed for the Undertable Shaper/Router function.

Items in BOLD are missing from my setup.

Items in Italics need repair or are missing pieces.

If was to just outright fix or replace the list above, it would be approximately $700.00 (USD) for all the pieces directly from ShopSmith.

If I knew I was going to just put it up for sale, that’s what I would do.

However, some of the items are not necessary and I will want to mix and match what gets upgraded (I have a 500 and the example has a 510 table system) and what remains original.

This is a 1983 unit and I believe it has one of the better motors in the head unit, but otherwise it has not specific collectors value. So, I will definatetly be painting it with a custom color scheme. I’ll probably do it in a two tone like the Greenie and Brownie machines only in “Engine Block Orange” and White. I think I will design a custom “pi” plate to replace the standard ShopSmith plate as well.

Here are the functions I would like to get from this machine …

  1. Table Saw (the 5/8” and the 1 1/4” Arbors)
  2. 12” Sanding Disc (upgrade to the velco system)
  3. Wood Lathe (I think getting it back to the standard setup would be enough)
  4. Drill Press (I have the drill chuck and I think it is good)
  5. Horizontal Boring (same chuck as above)
  6. Overhead Router (need the chuck and want the safety cover)

Sanding Disc

I just need to clean, resurface and refinish the existing Steel Disc. Then I will add the Velco Sanding Package.

Drill Press and Horizontal Boring

I am 80% sure that the existing chuck is fine, the key is missing, but more than likely I have a spare that fits. I may go ahead and upgrade to the Heavy Duty Keyless Chuck.

Wood Lathe

I have portion of the Tool Rest, but I think I will just buy the Universal Tool Rest as this one is in so-so condition and missing pieces. The Universal looks useful and has all 3 shaped rests.

I am missing the Tailstock Assembly and anything that goes with it. So I will need to order the whole kit (ShopSmith Part # 504276)

I also need the arbor, centers, faceplates and chisels. I can get all of that in kit form with the Shopsmith Lathe Turning Package.

Overhead Router

I have the original Model 500 style router table and fence system. It all looks to be in good shape, so unless I upgrade tables or something, I’ll keep what is there.

I also want the router shield and need at least one of the two chucks. Here is Shopsmith link for those items.

Table Saw

Last we get to the Table Saw function. I have nothing but the table for this so I need to start with the arbors. I want the 1 1/4” and the 5/8” arbors. I need the table inserts as the only one I have now is for the router/drill.

I should probably get the saw guard system as well.


To round it all out …

  1. Shopsmith Miter Guage Package
  2. Mark V Speed Chart
  3. Safety Kit
  4. Mark V Dust Cover

Before Photos