1990 Plymouth Colt

This was the first new car I ever bought. I think it was right around $9,000.

It was a great car, as far as I can tell it was the only good year for the Colt (later sold under the Dodge name) and redesigned into a small box of a car. It was a white hatchback, manual transmission and had basically no options other than a cassette player and A/C. It was very comfortable, drove smoothly and got great gas mileage (for the time). I kept it for a short time and then my mom took over the payments (that’s probably when I got the Mazda).

Not too long after it was hers, my brother decided he wanted to learn to drive a manual transmission. It was after either the first or second day I was teaching him. That night he “borrowed” the keys to go to a party and hit an embankment on the way home. I think he said the car flipped over twice before landing on the roof. He walked away fine, literally walked away … he had to walk a ways up the road before he got to a house to call the police.

Needless to say it was totalled. My mom replaced it with another Colt, this time red. She kept it for another couple years and then she sold it to me so I could get rid of the Chevette. So I guess technically I had two of these.

The second one.