1979 Mazda GLC

Who knows what year it was when this one was mine. It started as my mom’s car. Then I got it for a while and then it went to my brother Carl. This was probably the ugliest car I ever owned. It was sun bleached yellow with I think three different shades of primer in places.

This was one awesome car. You couldn’t kill it with a stick and I don’t remember it ever going to a mechanic for anything other than brake shoes.

We really abused this car. My sister Kathi even hit a concrete wall with it. A little bondo and clothes hangers to hold the headlight in; good as new.

This car really lasted through all the abuse. It was always reliable, responsive when driving and handled snow like a beast.

It finally met its death due to the fact that no one told my brother you had to check the oil occasionally. I think he probably drove it for over a year, hauling his drum kit and friends around in it. When it finally did overheat I went to pull the drain plug from the oil pan and I found that the plug and been fused to the pan.

Not the actual car, still looking for some old photos.