2001 Honda XR 50R - 50cc

When I bought this I was actually looking for one of those mini sport bikes. One of those would have actually fit in the back seat of the Porsche.

I bought this at the same time I bought Bobby his first bicycle. I used to ride it up and down the sidewalk with him riding his bike.

Soon after we moved to Madison, we were throwing a party riding the bike down the grassy hill. While riding towards the woods I hit the brakes and the bike started sliding on the grass toward the woods. I had Bobby on in Front of me. So I grabbed him and dropped off the back of the mini bike …. right onto a rock. My shoulder was messed up for months and Jenn freaked out. Bobby cried for two minutes and then wanted to do it again.

Pictures taken at Cripple Crow Farm (Tracy and Jeff’s)

Videos coming soon.