1985 Honda Shadow - 650cc

This was the first motorcycle I ever owned.

I used it often to drive down to UVA (2 1/2 hours) to visit my girlfriend (later wife) Jenn.

One of my most vivid memories of it was going to visit my brother at work and getting caught in a hail storm. Ever felt hail at 50 mph? I ended up waiting it out under a bus stop shelter.

Another time I left work early to try and get home before the weather got really bad. I was racing down 28 in REALLY high wind when a tree branch blew across the highway and took my left mirror off. If I hadn’t seen it in the corner of my eye and leaned back, it probably would have taken me out.

A year or so later, I traded it in for the 1995 Honda Shadow A.C.E.

Picture Taken in Reston, VA