1994 Dodge Ram Conversion Van

This was the “sell the sports car, we’re pregnant” vehicle. Best deal I ever got on a vehicle. That salesmen didn’t know what hit him. The way I dressed in those days, with a wife that was 7 months pregnant. We “clearly” had no money. I chose this over an old Ford Bronco that I really wanted. It turned out to be a great choice. This van made having an infant much, much easier.

Four captain’s chairs (I always wished that they swiveled) and a fold down bench seat that turned into a bed in the back.

When Jenn was really, really pregnant and I was driving her to a doctor’s appointment we ran out of gas on 28S near Centreville. We had to walk miles to a gas station, no one stopped for the pregnant woman. It was unbelievable.

Then like a week later, leaving Springfield Mall, I ran out of gas again. I coasted into a gas station to find out that it was out of business. I guy did stop this time, but by the time it was over, he clearly wished he hadn’t. People suck.

Pictures taken in Sterling, VA